Friday, August 17, 2007

Olympics Update

With each day that passes, a visit to the Beijing Olypmics becomes an ever more attractive option. A pity London can't compete these days with a good old sulphur-rich, can't see-your-hand-in-front -of-your-face Dickensian peasouper. Maybe if Ken got to work now, banning all non-drivers from the capital and giving planning permission only for those companies that undertake to produce a fixed amount of visible toxic fumes... Meanwhile, if Our Boys and Girls are to give their best in Beijing, they'd be well advised to have a browse here.


  1. what do they call a peasouper in Beijing? I peking your link but no can see. must be the fog.

  2. Bloody BBC - typical... It's just a story about the smog-related health warnings going out to intending spectators etc. I think they've now cut cars by a third and 'relocated' much industry from the city - all done by dikat of course, in the best freedom-loving Olympic spirit.