Thursday, August 02, 2007

For Elliott Frisby

During the recent flood unpleasantness, my daughter emailed me from Venice ('Streets filled with water, please advise.') to express her deep satisfaction that that the spokesman for Visit Britain is called Elliott Frisby. I share her satisfaction. This is an amiably uncool, funny and utterly memorable name. It is shared by this soulful-looking singer-songwriter; again water seems to be involved. I dimly remember wanting to be called Sunset Salvador, but those were different times.


  1. Soulful looking? I mean, who am I to judge, but he looks more like shifty white van man to me. Is it still cool to wear your shirt tails outside? I usually avoid shirt tails so I wouldn't know. Seems a bit conformist to me - whatever happened to rebellion?! no, it's not rock & roll.

    actually I think his name is okay, as names go. you associate it with that plate people chuck around at picnics. do folk still do that? quaint.

  2. he should be runner-up for an award for worst web site design of the week. flash ain't flash. well not used like that it ain't.

  3. All those Blues singers: Muddy Waters, Sunnyland Slim, Howlin' Wolf anyone? It all began in the Delta. More water, of course. And as they filed in two by two, I'd guess the squirrels were muttering, "Who's the old geezer with the funny name?"

  4. At long last! what is wrong with myspace that my pc doesn't like and takes an age to load. Mr. Frisby - he has a pleasant, no-nonsense voice with traces of an unidentified accent poking through on the vowels, regional but where though? Reminiscent of Clifford T Ward, not my cup of tea really. Have you noticed how MOR has been rebranded Acoustic-Pop-Folk? Labels, eh?

    Right then, I think that's as good as anything you'd expect in The Times...

  5. Sunset Salvador? Is that your porn-star name Bryan? Mine's is Lucky Alexandra.

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