Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Oh Dear!

While her near-contemporary Debbie Reynolds continues to maintain a dignified appearance and a thriving career - even helping out the UK government in the foot and mouth crisis - Liz Taylor is letting the side down badly. Can someone have a quiet word with her minders, or is it too late?


  1. But isn't that David Gest? I'm sorry, they all begin to look alike these celebritities, Nige. Fiddy? Is that like Fiddy Cents? Oh, I can give Ian Hislop a run for his money....

  2. It's too late, Nige. I wonder what Debbie makes of it. After all, Liz ran off with Deb's then husband, Eddie Fisher, in the 50s. Would Debbie say "silly old cow!"

  3. I've just seen that Tracey Barlow has joined the Highways Agency board as a non-exec director.

    Last seen heading to the slammer in Corrie, is this part of the government policy to reduce prison overcrowding - or after Debbie Reynolds, are they all adopting pseudonyms?