Monday, April 07, 2008

Another Triumph for Thought Experiments

I am happy to report that the government has bowed to pressure from this blog and cracked down on hard standing. From an article in the current issue of The Garden (which happened to be in my dentist's waiting room), I learn that, from October, planning permission will have to be sought by anyone intending to put down non-porous surfacing in front of their house. It will cost about £150, involve lots of form-filling and take at least two months, so the expectation is that this measure will deter the kind of wholesale garden vandalism I lamented. There you go - the power of the blog.


  1. There was a young man from Ealing
    who laid out his lawn like a ceiling
    at the end of the day
    the council said pay
    and now he's all for appealing

    boom boom

  2. I suspect that you have not been to a garden center for a while. Leastwise, not at the rear of the place. Where you will find the not porous visual hell of Navajo blue ceramic pebbles, recycled wine bottles in Tuscan scan and much worse.
    Refusing, people the stone of their ancestral shire/Provence/Kingdom, drives them. It's much easier to work under the principle, that if God made it, then at some point it will fit in.
    Nothing is more guaranteed than, if you have changed your house in any way, you have driven a few of your neighbours wildly insane.
    While, you have to admit that the tooth-puller knows his teeth.

  3. Goodness Nige, blogging appears to be in the doldrums of late, are they all outside of the courts, hanging on to every
    utterance (as the BBC seems to be) of those wonderfull specimens of humanity, the AL Fayed henchpersons. Alexei Sayle, please write another shortie to cheer us up.

  4. So you haven't found an NHS dentist either? I know this because the post wasn't about last July's Heat, or Caravaning Fun Monthly.

    ''It will cost about £150, involve lots of filling and take at least two months...''

    and I bet that's more or less what your dentist said.

  5. Ian, what is that in zloty , the default currency of our local dentists. Trying to say "impacted wisdom" in Polish verges on the amusing, tinged with hytsteria.

    Magazines are all "whats on in Gdansk"

  6. Apparently my dentist, despite his exalted taste in magazines, is NHS. I've no idea how you tell though, as he still charges a fortune. He's even English, though happily he seldom speaks.

  7. Nige,

    NHS dentist = 911 (997) plus Panerai

    Private dentist = 911GT2 (997) plus Patek Philippe

    The difference tends to be in the degree of blinginess

  8. Well mine could scarcely be less blingy, Malty, but I'll certainly check his wrist next time - if he hasn't retired in despair by then.