Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools: A Roundup

April Fools' Day and there's some pretty obvious spoof news items out there. The Guardian, for example, tries to persuade us there has been an inquest into the death of Princess Diana inspired by allegations that she was killed by MI6 and - get this - the Duke of Edinburgh. The Telegraph nudges us in the ribs with some ludicrous tale about thousands of lost bags and cancelled flights at the new Heathrow Terminal 5. In The Sun we are told the Italian police want to protect Manchester United fans. Yeah, right. The Mail pretends that Harriet Harman was so stupid that she wore a stab-proof vest while walking round her own constituency. The Times seriously expects us to believe that Tibetans welcomed the Olympic flame. The Daily Star kids us with the news that Velvet Revolver will NOT be suporting Led Zep on their world tour. The FT has some preposterous yarn about UBS losing even more money. I have to say these are all pretty feeble. None of them fooled me for a moment and none are actually funny - except Harman's stab vest. Must try harder next year, guys, and now back to reality...


  1. You might also like this one, Project Virgle:

    I'd swap all of yours for just a chance this one might be true...

  2. Compulsory free school dinners - was that one? I genuinely have no idea...