Thursday, April 17, 2008

Joke Over

Not long ago, 'passive drinking' was a joke. Not any more. Read this and weep.


  1. “The harm caused to the innocent by those who drink best tackled by penalising all drinkers...”

    I have a better solution for this: UNIT-TRADING!

    You know, after the pattern of CARBON TRADING, whereby Indians and Chinese deliberately build dodgy factories so western countries can pay to clean them up.

    Under the same principle, drinkers could be made to pay non-drinkers for every unit in excess of say, five per twenty-four hours, consumed!

    Alternatively, of course, one could just shoot them..(the Chinese, that is - not the drinkers!)


  2. Or we could shoot the non-drinkers, then it would be only drinkers compensating each other for all the harm they're doing to each other - a virtuous circle.

  3. Nige, what next, passive sex maybe ?
    Man, my imagination's running riot here selena, imagine the scenario, Bob & Alice (purely fictitious names) are at it in their apartment, all you have to do is to stand outside of the door and wham, bang, all for free!
    Max Mosley would of course stand at the door to Gestapo Headquaters.
    What sort of "intercourse credit trading scheme" would doze off Brown devise I wonder ?
    Perhaps twelve position number twenty sevens would offset one position number six.
    Viagra would attract the ire of the ani four wheel drive mob, relieving the pressure on Clarkson.

  4. You Euros take these International Nanny Organizations (INOs) way too seriously. Just tell them that alcoholic beverages are part of your indigenous cultural tradition and these people will be sending you money to maintain your cultural heritage. It's your human right!

  5. Excellent idea, Duck - we must fight for our indigenous drinking rights.