Sunday, April 20, 2008

Go Camille

Here's our favourite feminist getting stuck into Hill. She's right of course - if Mrs C is a role model for women, God help us all...


  1. Every time I hear her name I think Alfa Romeo have brought out a new model, every time I hear the other ones name I think "**************,$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,||||||||||||||||||,
    Bogia, I thought you were dead"

  2. Unfortunately, this is a pot calling kettle black syndrome! And I speak as a woman wanting to see more women in public life in the AngloSaxon world.

    Why, oh why the ones who wish to be taken seriously think you do that by being more of a man than the men themselves beats me. Guys?

  3. Beats me too. Camille's not a guy though. Is she?