Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tomorrow's News Today

Bowing to the relentless pressure piled on him by other southern African nations, Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe makes the following announcement: 'The election recount is now complete. I can confirm that - as I suspected - there had been serious undercounting of votes for the Movement for Democratic Change, who are now the clear victors at every level. This is the perfect climax to my political career, and I am delighted to stand aside for my old friend Morgan and his excellent movement.' (Warmly embraces Tsvangirai, who then takes to the stage while the band strike up 'For He's a Jolly Good Fellow'.)
Also today. Brown: I Was Wrong All Along...


  1. Has Bryan given the Pope an audience yet ?
    That would make interesting reading ... "your holiness, can you confirm what this bloke Dawkins said about".........

  2. Bound to happen, Malty...