Friday, April 25, 2008

A Question

Talking of the BBC News. Huw Edwards - why?


  1. Nige, do you think that the BBC have a handbook, for their eyes only, called
    "the politically correct formulae for employee ethnic and social mix" (all of course talent free)....
    Divide the English by the Welsh and add six, multiply by the Scots and subdivide the total twice, divide the answer by the square root of seven Pakistanis, add fourteen Afro Caribbeans and two chukkabutties, throw in Kirsty Wark (violently if possible) add two prunes (J Vine and Kirsty Young) if even after all of the above there is still the odd original inhabitant on show then divide the total by Ragi bloody Omah (the one who would be Ed Murrow)

  2. You mean you're not beguiled by the lilting Welshman's moody good looks and the Elvis-like curl of his upper lip? You surprise me, Malty.