Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sweary Parrot

This is the funniest story of the day - and it's bird-related.


  1. All quite appropriate considering the surname of Barney's owner.

    And grim times indeed for Daily Mail fanciers. They must be feeling sick as er, er, anyway sick. Today has Barney "the foul-mouthed parrot", Mohamed Fayed "the foul-mouthed bully" and a zany called Gok Wan "the foul-mouthed prima donna". He seems able to persuade women to strip to the buff only minutes after meeting him, a skill I've long tried to master without, alas, his success. I wonder if this is a skill that can be taught to parrots as well.

  2. I wondered where my lost parrot had gone, do you think I ought to apologise for it's bad language?

    Or shall I just pretend the parrot is to blame for mine?