Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The undead Hillary, in one smooth movement plucking the stake from her heart, extracting the silver bullet from her skull and casting aside her winding sheet, rises from the political grave in all her raging glory. Well, she got 55 percent in Pennsylvania (and I hold Susan B's husband personally responsible). She is not, she declares, a quitter. Nor are the American people quitters. Therefore... Well, actually, there's quitting and there's quitting, isn't there, and it rather depends on the cause in which you're not quitting - if it's merely clawing your way to the White House by any means, fair or foul, then not quitting is hardly a virtue. Maybe it was her declaration that she'd nuke Iran that swung it (I pass this particular link on for the benefit of anyone eager to 'meet single Persians').
Back in Blighty, we do politics differently. This made me laugh...


  1. What a pity it wasn't the traditional rotten egg.

    Yep, Susan B, well done to you and your husband. (I mean that sincerely, unlike probably everyone else who will comment here on the Hillary result.)

    OK, I'm a quitter, 'bye.

  2. Poor George; but at least it sounds more fun in London. Up here in Yorkshire you're unlikely to see a canvasser who has been hit by a ball since you're unlikely to see a canvasser at all. In local elections round here one is just asked to choose from a list of people of whom one knows nothing since they rarely bother to communicate.

  3. Americans prefer to throw things at sporting events. There is still an embarrassing event remembered in Philadelphia when obnoxious fans (Fluffyans, naturally) pelted a Santa Claus on the field with anything they could hurl at him. Bah, humbug indeed!

    As for these elections, I will throw myself behind either Dem who wins the primaries. And I certainly hope the two contenders will do the same if their rival wins it.

  4. Well, just to be vulgar for a moment, I would like to meet the single Persian pictured.

    Oh, to be sipping cool sherbet by the gently lapping fountains of Shiraz with my almond eyed and velvet skinned paramour..............ahem. Back to work methinks.,