Thursday, April 17, 2008

Warmists and Truth

I pass this on without comment, except to draw your attention to Ms Abbess's instructive use of the word 'truth', as in 'the emerging truth' and even 'the truth'. This kind of clinching recourse to 'the truth' was formerly the preserve of the religious (as properly understood), but they are now denied it and asked to defend their position on entirely inappropriate 'scientific' grounds, whereas the supposedly scientific have taken over the religious prerogative and can lay claim to unquestionable 'truth'. Yet more evidence that Warmism is indeed spilt religion.


  1. This was a statement by someone working for the BBC ?
    ......"Bullying bloggers are no strangers to online media - especially when they're Single Issue Fanatics (SIF). "They're deeply emotional, they're bullies, and they often don't get out enough," the BBC's Adam Curtis noted here"

    How dare that man there say that, as everyone here knows, i'm a double issue fananic, (DIF)
    DIFs of the world unite, refuse to pay your license.

    PS, who the f...s Adam Curtis then ?

  2. Adam Curtis, Malty, is a documentary maker who, having made several excellent series, had a rush of blood to the brain and came out with The Power Of Nightmares, the gist of which was - steady yourself - that there's no such thing as a homegrown Islamist terrorist threat; it's merely a figment of our collective paranoia. The series came out, won more notice than any of his good stuff, awards all round, the lefties loved it - and then, a few months later, came 7/7. Or maybe we just imagined that, and all that's followed...

  3. Yes, I've just been watching one of those mythical home growners, the one that shouted at J.Reid, and about to be banged up for non existant terrorist activities.

    Can't of watched much TV back then, busy earning a crust I guess.

    Monumental avian news. Goldcrests seen in the garden yesterday, first time in 3 years.

  4. Warmism and religion have one thing in common - an absolute certainty that mankind is due a comeuppance for its sinful ways. Denying a believer the satisfaction of his Apocalypse is bound to provoke a nasty reaction. The last thing he is prepared to believe is that mankind might just muddle through indefinitely.