Saturday, April 05, 2008

Whan That Aprille ...

I may or may not be posting for a while. Nige will be here. In The Sunday Times tomorrow I review Michio Kaku's book and I investigate Gordon Brown's secret department - the ECGD. Have a good April.


  1. I may or may not be posting for a while

    Monitoribus asper!

    The contents of you missive do not please me, Sir. I can overlook your ambiguity and lack of resolve, but I cannot forgive your want of consideration. Have you ever been bothered with messages from a man who says he may or may not want to marry you...? Or ever had your hopes dashed by the weatherman claiming that the conditions may or may not be changing.

    Evidently -- this is a sensitive situation, but if you could give us some indication as to which way to lean, I will personally ensure that your decision is respected by all and handled with the utmost discretion...


  2. Chin up Selena, the secret to eternal life has been revealed. Surprisingly it involves the consumption of radioactive pears. You can see the details at or just check out this months Fortean Times.

  3. The reference to The Canterbury Tales suggests Bryan is going on pilgrimage.

  4. Truly April is the cruelest month.