Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Jeff Exults, Selena Stares into the Abyss

The ineffable Jeff, whose latest post is of truly stunning (I use the word advisedly) length, has published his most recent monthly figure for 'hits' - colossal, naturally, but as it's dated April 1st, who knows? Meanwhile, Selena is in an unusually dark, apocalyptic frame of mind. Oh dear - perhaps we happy Thought Experimenters should try to cheer her up (although she's probably right)?


  1. The old ones are the best ones....

    "I thought they'd stopped shipping convicts out there years ago"

  2. Other that the fact that he is a fellow traveler on this weird little trip, I find it hard to care that much. GBS he is not, imagine the tales from Ayot St Lawrence.