Friday, April 25, 2008

North Korea: An Explanation

Looks like North Korea's in trouble again, with these suspicious goings-on in Syria. What has gone less noticed is that the land of Kim Jong 'I'm So Ronery' Il is about to become a cricketing nation (which I trust will do wonders for them). Surely the explanation for the Syrian jaunt is that the kindly North Koreans were advising the Syrians on the design of their impressively large indoor cricket training centre.


  1. I doubt indoor cricketing centres are much use to the half-starved, wretched people of North Korea - you can't eat plastic grass.

    What truly awful regimes both those countries have! One can put up with most things in life, but I draw the line at nuclear conflagration.

  2. During the Pacific war, the Japanese used the Koreans as prisoner of war camp guards.
    So great was their cruelty that even the Japanese were appalled.

    The south Koreans are, according to Malty junior, who spent time in Seoul, and a lot of time dealing with them in Germany (the Koreans wanted to dial in the "European factor" into their car design,) they are extremely difficult to get along with, having a major dose of "not invented here" syndrome, plus their drinking technique is strange "until you fall down"
    Apparently the Russelsheim taxi drivers refused to carry them.
    Still, he must have got through to them eventually, their cars are looking more European.

  3. malty

    I've no experience with Korean culture, but I've heard them portrayed as the "Irish" of Asia.