Sunday, April 20, 2008

Prezza Makes Satire Redundant

Hmm I'm beginning to supsect Bryan is trying to emulate his hero Negley Farson and visit all the places listed on that bit of paper spilling out of the Farson typewriter (see, for example, this). He's had a faraway look in his eye ever since he bought that book...
Meanwhile, back in Blighty, the news continues to make satire redundant - just as well, as we have no satirists worthy of the name (except perhaps Chris Morris). It seems that scowling, malevolent lardbucket Prezza was a tragic victim of Bulimia all along. Well, it would explain his £4,000 a year expenses claims for food. To judge by his ever expanding girth, he was every bit as useless at being a bulimic as he was at being Deputy PM.


  1. Makes yer sick, doesn't it!
    Wasting our money on all that food.
    The shameless bastard!

  2. "I turned up and found his waiting room full of young women. I was the only man there. I felt a right twerp. Luckily none of them shopped me to the press."

    Makes a change from feeling the young women, then Presso