Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Way We Live Now

Rage and surveillance collide in this all too emblematic story. I'd always thought of the lollipop lady as a reassuring sign that a gentler, better-mannered, sweeter-natured Britain survived - and then 'lollipop rage' came along. The hellbound handcart trundles on.


  1. You seem to be taking this article at face value. But, erm, exactly where do these remarkable-sounding statistics come from?

    It could just as easily be a case of (bogus stats + mention children) / (overfunding + self-righteous PC mania) = a Miami Vice stylee fantasy in which patrolling a zebra crossing puts you bang on the front line against Warren Terr and his mates.

    There's always enough money for the surveillance society.

  2. The lollipop lady in the picture looks exactly like my sister, even the expression is the same. Disturbing.

  3. elberry, which one, the big lass or the one that looks like Dr Strangelove, out of curiosity, of course, I'm definitely not like the Benny Hill character in The Italian Job.

  4. the fat sullen one