Friday, April 18, 2008

Old Nige's Weather Lore

Today, as London shivers in the blast of an icy East wind, my mind naturally goes back to a time before I was born - the balmy spring of 1945, when the temperature in the Southeast reached 79F today - or indeed 1949, when it topped 80 on the two previous days. Similar temperatures for the rest of the month in 1893... This global warming, eh? It takes some very perplexing forms.


  1. I think it's probably true that we humans don't live long enough to see what the cycles are in global weather. What seems very strange weather/climate changes *within* our lifetimes may be nothing in the course of a cycle lasting hundreds of years.

    That said, there's definitely a whole lotta polluting of the environment going on and it's hard to deny that humanity is altering and harming the planet.

    Old Nige, what are you reading these days?

  2. Well since you ask, young Susan, I'm reading Michael Burleigh's Earthly Powers, which is a damned thick square book and taking a long time to get through - but it's well worth it (he's Captain B of this parish, of course). My bedside is piled as usual with, among others, Wallace Stevens, Yeats, Edward Thomas, a pictorial guide to Venice, a coffee table book about the gardens of Bomarzo, and the lovely Bedside Book of Birds I mentioned in a post a while back. Life is too short...

  3. Or, as Jack Nicholson famously said "ah, the internet, so much porn, so little time."