Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Gordon Brown strode down the steps from his plane (GB1) onto the JFK tarmac. Unrestrained cheering broke out in the teeming crowd of spectators. 'We've seen nothing like it since Beatlemania,' remarked a harassed cop, holding back the excited throng. Greeting the Great British Leader on the tarmac, an excited George Bush embraced him with a fervour that almost brought a tear to the eye of the stern-faced son of the manse. Later, as they stood in the open limo for the tickertape parade along Broadway, Bush lifted his British hero's arm aloft in mutual triumph... And then Gordon woke up.
There's bad timing, very bad timing, and Brown's visit to the US. Not only is the Pope - that representative of an outworn and moribund creed, famously lacking in battalions - getting all the attention and the brouhaha, while the man known to the Great American Public as Gordon Who? slips in all but unnoticed. There's also an impending visit from the South Korean leader, the frenzied build-up to the Pennsylvania primary - and, back home, disgruntlement and sharpening of knives amid economic panic. Heaven knows what Brown will go back to. Blair, typically, has timed his visit perfectly for next week when all is quiet and he can bask in the limelight. Och weell...


  1. Brown really is clueless....or utterly delusional. Proof also that his 'team' would be hard pushed to plan a piss up in a brewery.

  2. Gordon Brown writes about "Enlarging the Anglosphere" for The Wall Street Journal.

  3. The pope, apparently, will apologise for all of the paedophillia on his, and the previous watch, (to whom might one ask ? Mary Poppins, Bugsy Malone or maybe Arnie.)
    What do think Sauron will apologise for as he hits the tarmac ? Millyband maybe, or Ballsy perhaps.

    Suggestions, on the back of a mortgage application to......

  4. Typically Brown's notion of a modern British novelist is JK Rowling rather than Vidia Naipaul (who happens to have won a Nobel Prize).

  5. I don't think Sauron does apologies, even when he should do (as in Sorry I spent ten years spending all your money to no effect, and now it's gone, so you'll have to give me even more).

  6. captainb, choosing Joanne is hardly surprising considering that she's one of his buddies (Ally Darlings) neighbours in Embra's Morningside, famous for its legions of dotty old broads with Jean Brodie accents.
    Personaly I thought it would have been that currently in vogue with the Scotsman newspaper, tartan crayoner, A Mcall Smith.

    Mind you, Joanne may not have the Norwegian dynamite magnates prize, nor does she beat the shit out of her partners.