Thursday, April 03, 2008

A New Baggott?

I might have been dreaming, or lapsed into some kind of TV-induced state of altered consciousness, but I'm pretty sure that last night I saw an Olay Regenerist commercial which appeared to be new and did not feature Nadine Baggott. This woman had a similarly immobile face, unmarked by any evidence of cognition, emotion or other human life-related activity, but definitely had dark hair and, I'm pretty sure, a name that was not Nadine Baggott. The ad itself was, of course, every bit as nauseating as the original. It spoke of a 'new pack', which might have justified a change of Baggott - but as I say, I might have been dreaming. I'm also pretty sure I saw an ad in which a man fed cat food - Whiskas, I believe - to a cat. This has never happened before in adland, where they work on the commonsense assumption that any man keeping a cat as a pet is by definition gay. This ad, though, had not the slightest hint of pink appeal. Truly we live in strange times - but I'd be relieved to have confirmation that, Regenerist-wise, I was not dreaming...


  1. Bloody hell Nige, are you me? Saw them both last night and remember asking the tenant of my affections what "the bloody hell is a beauty journalist?". Got the obvious answer back that it is "someone who writes about beauty". Well you learn something new every day, but I'm almost old enough now to know nothing.

    As for metro-man and his cat, I thought cat food was only allowed to be advertised to women, men preferring to kick the selfish, solipsistic sods.

  2. Thanks Recusant - and here was me thinking I was Frank... Nadine Baggott was, I believe, a 'celebrity beauty journalist', not a mere 'beauty journalist', so this looks like proof it's a different entity.

  3. Celebrity Beauty Editor, if I may be so,.... and blogger.

    (I say there's no one not doing it now)

  4. thanks for the reminder of the divine Ms B. The picture of her and 'the knife coach' -- whose book she describes, apparently without irony, as 'a real warts and all guide to cosmetic surgery' -- is actually kind of eerie: it looks like she's standing next to her 20yrs-older-self in some sort of parallel universe.