Wednesday, April 23, 2008

One good thing...

I saw a Brimstone just now, flying strongly westwards down Kensington High Street (of all places). The original 'butter-fly', always a joy to see, first or last.


  1. I saw something so amusing yesterday while biking around a beautiful lake in Bucks County, Pa. I glanced away from the lake to the fields on the other side of the bike path and suddenly saw something pop up in the grass looking incredibly like a prairie dog. A prairie dog in a Pa. meadow? Not likely. The animal kept popping up and down and I crept close enough to see it was a big orange tabby cat playing with (euphemism) white butterflies. So cute (although maybe not for the butterflies who -- stupidly -- were not abandoning their buttercups).

  2. What a beautifully sad website that is, and what a wonderful remembrance.
    That has just restored my, often missing, faith in human nature.

  3. Butterflies are so trusting, Susan - and cats, sad to say, so untrustworthy. Just as well Bryan's away - he hates cats enough already...