Thursday, April 24, 2008

U Turn if You Want To...

Hats off to Gordon, I say. This so-called U-turn has achieved its objective - to bamboozle his opponents and buy time by kicking the issue into the long grass, as he always has done with every tricky issue. When it next emerges, it will be so entangled in complications and small print that no one will be able to work out what he's actually done and they'll just give up. Works every time - but I'm surprised a politician as bright as Frank Field has fallen for it. I suspect he's woken up this morning with a dawning realisation that he's been had, and no doubt he will (rightly) return to the attack - but by then it might be too late. Gordon has made the narrative - Brown's U Turn.
A lively PMQ though, from which I extracted this entirely baffling statement from Broon (jabbing an accusing finger at the Tories): 'We are for opportunity for everyone. They are for opportunity in everything.' Come again? At some point, he also uttered this beauty: 'There are better ways of helping low income families than scrapping the 10p tax rate.' What, like not scrapping it, for example?
That's enough politics.

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  1. I switched on the radio this morning and thought that I had stepped out of the Tardis in April 1974, driving up and down the A1 between Letchworth and Newcastle, 30 litres of petrol in the boot, ensuring my return, illegal of course, listening to the news about the public sector strikes, stopping now and then to telephone the factory, to see if we could still operate.
    Ah, they were the days, fool that I am for asking, but which was the political party at the helm then ?

    Dear public sector.
    Greed be thy name.
    Sickie's be thy game.
    Gordon be thy blame.