Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Rubbish

True to form, mankind seems to be turning its little corner of space into an orbiting rubbish dump - with the Chinese enthusiastically positioning themselves in the vanguard of space littering. The implications of 'supercriticality' are worrying indeed... Meanwhile, back on Earth - where Everest itself has become an outdoor rubbish dump - the Naples rubbish crisis has reached such a pitch that Berlusconi will (he says) be spending three days a week working on it. When buffalo mozzarella is under threat (dioxin contamination from garbage-infected pasture), it's time to act!


  1. Not only space, Nige. The coal burning is a huge worry.

  2. Scottish Borders Council are about to increase the number of recycling bags to include one for downed space litter.
    When it was pointed out that the litter may be red hot, instructions were given for the bags to made of asbestos. When it was pointed out that asbestos was a dangerous substance, instructions were given to create another 2500 jobs for space litter early warning and collection officers. When it was pointed out that the councils budget was in the red at that point in time, a motion was passed to divert one point nine million pounds from the education budget into the new project.
    When it was pointed out that the entire education budget had been spent on new cars and laptops for the social workers and that the black hole in the councils index linked pension scheme was now nineteen million pounds, and that had to be found from somewhere "lets sell the space litter" said the council leader."

    I would chuckle along with you guys if it was not for the fact that I am sobbing, that's exactly what they are like

  3. Dioxin is not that poisonous now is it?

  4. Dioxin's fine, I believe, at the kind of levels they're talking about - but you know the way things are nowadays...

  5. Three cheers for China, the only country capable of dethroning the USA as the most hated nation in the world.

    I understand that the Berkeley city council has declared the space above Berkeley to be a junk-free zone. Violators will be served with a stern letter as well as street theater protests involving naked middle-aged hippies.