Tuesday, April 15, 2008


News reaches me of a serious threat to civilisation, our way of life and all we hold dear. There's a chance that SAG, the Screen Actors Guild (not to be confused with Team America's FAG) might go on strike! Dear God, can we take any more? We're still reeling from the screen writers' strike. Please, guys, show some pity. Think of the children...


  1. Help, there's 120,000 of them, as 119,000 will, at any one time be temping, and the strike is across the board, that means Starbucks, Borders books and about 500 diners would have to close. Surely a far greater threat to the civilised world.
    Far worse than not seeing Jim Carey again.

  2. How will we get by without "Oceans 14" or "Leatherheads 2"? This could get serious! I say fire them all and outsource the work to India & China.

    Actually I think the strike is just be a cover story so that they can all go to rehab at once.