Sunday, April 20, 2008

From the Deeper, Desert Beyond...

...I can tell you I interview Nicholson Baker in The Sunday Times.


  1. Bryan, wow ! that's just gone straight to number one in the nutty theories top 100, I'd better buy it and read it first though.
    Ask him to write about why we should have left Napoleon alone.

    PS, Nige is looking distinctly dog eared.

  2. Dog eared? Has my personal grooming regime let me down?

  3. You write that Nicholson Baker went to music college, but I thought he went to Haverford College -- here on the outskirts of Philadelphia. At any rate, someone I know said he knew him there.....

    I do remember the well-written porn of "Vox." Wait...Well-written. That means it was "erotica," not porn. Though I especially remember a weird scene in a bathtub with a horny guy and woman in the throes of a, well, an infection...Ick. They got jiggy with the shower-hose attachment as I recollect.

    I didn't dig the Updike book so much 'cause I don't really dig Updike's more recent work. The psoriasis is real, though. I interviewed Mr. U. once at a writers' conference and it was really a surprise to be up close and see that distinctive face all blotched & peeling. Poor man, rich man.

  4. He did go to Haverford, Susan. But he also spent some time at the Eastman School.

  5. Bryan,

    I sent your piece to my learned daughter (well Cambridge and Harvard, German and History studies, prizes and all that).

    This is her esteemed view:

    "complete rubbish... Hitler's economy was predicated on exploitation and new resources to keep it moving and developed an internal dynamic of conquest that wouldn't have stopped if Britain hadn't declared war - he would have just run over Russia instead. Besides, it wasn't just Jews - were Britain and America going to be able to take every Slavic person?"

    Sorry, could not stop myself passing it on since she is obviously another rebel in the making.

    Enjoy your travels.