Monday, September 10, 2007

Amy, Britney, Pat, Dave and Crazy John

The McLaughlin Group (CNBC) is the only political discussion show I can bear to watch on television. This is, I admit, partly because of the crazy voice and mannerisms of John McLaughlin, but, primarily, it's because there's nothing like it on British television. When it comes to politics, we don't do pungent, articulate intelligence, we do Question Time. That said, I'm worried about John. Last night he said he'd been to England - they never call it Britain - and seen some poll or other that said Amy Winehouse was becoming more popular and the Royals less. These trends, he concluded, were linked; our affection for the tattooed lady was, somehow, a rebuke to the Royals. It's strange what people see when they come over here.  A more accurate insight into our way of life is provided by Dave Barry, but I'm not sure he'd be able to take on Pat Buchanan on TMG.
PS And, speaking of wrecked female pop stars with tattoos, here is one of the great, weird performances of our time. She looks like some freak who's just wandered on stage by accident.


  1. I saw him once at Knebworth. Mahavishnu Orchestra! I doubt he's changed much.

    No, seriously, does he not understand the difference between transient pop culture and the establishment? I'm sure it was England he visited, he probably spent two days in London and never left the hotel for more than three hours. His shoes barely felt the hallowed ground. He probably believes it is paved with gold.

    Who's Amy Winehouse?

  2. Poor Britney - she'd forgotten to put her clothes on too! Must have been so embarrassed when she realised.

  3. Good grief. That Britters clip is what YouTube was invented for.

    Perez speaks the truth, I fear.

    Still, close your eyes and it's a reasonable pop song, I guess.

  4. further evidence of my gayness. I think, what with the costumes and the poles, it was supposed to be erotic. it sort of left me feeling guilty watching without any of the benefits.

    thank god I didn't have the sound on!