Wednesday, September 19, 2007


So now even Ming Crosby, the crooner turned leader of the Libdems, is more popular than the boy David, the school captain of St Cake's Academy for the Clinically Rich turned leader of the Tories. Gordon Brown is, of course, so popular that people routinely lick the ground on which he walks. What will happen to poor David? Ming is so old that his entourage always carry a collapsible coffin. Gordon will obviously flee to any country with which we don't have an extradition treaty. Paraguay is nice and a bit like Scotland. But, if Gordon calls a landslide victory in the near future, David will be out of his job and he still won't be old enough to vote. Looking on the bright side, I do hear he has a fine singing voice and, with a bit of application, might do quite well on The X-Factor. But my advice would be to take on the job of being an Antony Gormley statue. The hours are punishing but at least people like you.


  1. This must be the Ming Bounce - an alarming image...

  2. According to the Daily Mail, Sir Ming has been found wandering about in the West Country and has been taken in by a refuge in Somerset. Until he remembers who he is, they've nicknamed him Albert. "The elderly gentleman ... has worn-out teeth, deteriorating vision and a few aches and pains - but these are only to be expected in any mature individual." Sir Ming also has a nasty bite on his rear, apparently, which may well account for his rather vague, tussled look in the Mail's photographs. Anyway, he's now recuperating with plenty of "jam sandwiches". And, no doubt, cosy naps by the fire, as Sir Ming speaks of an older, gentler England.

  3. it's getting exciting, isn't it?!

    the antony gormless thing. certainly not the other two.