Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just Say No

Here's a terrible warning about the perils of facial hair - or a good laugh, depending on how you look at it. Note the Full Beard Freestyle winner, with his re-creation of Tower Bridge. And what's Otto Schmid up to in the Imperial category? He's just drawn that moustache on - that can't be right.


  1. It has something of the 'closed shop' about it. Where are the Russians with their mighty tradition of being able to grow it to lengths way beyond the scope of Western follicles? Where are Uncle Joe's great grandchildren and the descendants of Rasputin (thousands of 'em)? It looks like barefaced cheek and a slight on those who grow it extensively South of the Urals and North of the Caucasus. One can only deplore denial of the right of the sons and daughters of Mother Russia to compete internationally. Is it any wonder Putin keeps putting up his bomber fleet? It'll be gas rationing this Winter!

  2. What do they do with all that excess beardy stuff the rest of the year? Where do they keep it? It in a box under their pillow? Tucked in a special pocket beneath their collars?

  3. Pablo Hagan won second prize just because he forgot to shave. shows you how ridiculous it all is. the question is; tattoo or whiskers?