Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Une Grande Journee pour un Grand Fromage

I fear I might be too late with this, but it's a big day in the long, blameless, fulfilled - and so far entirely eventless - life of the maturing cheddar Wedginald, a webstar in a long-standing Warholian masterpiece. Today, his perfect repose will be rudely interrupted when a probe is inserted into him to see how he's coming along. I only hope we haven't missed it.
Ironically, this coincides with international Talk Like a Pirate Day - yes, it's come round again, me hearties. How about an international Misuse the Word 'Ironically' Day?


  1. why are pirates cool?

    they just are.

    (thomas, aged 4 +3/4)

  2. Avast, there! Bring me a noggin of rum, now, matey. Yo-ho-ho! and a bottle of rum! Forget about those fifteen men on the dead man's chest. Shiver me timbers, where is everybody?

    Story of my life I guess - a day late and a dollar shy. Pity, as this costume is so cool, and some website gave me the best pirate's name, Mad Harry Rackham.