Saturday, September 22, 2007

More Tattoos

Readers of my Ponder Post 10: Tattoos? - every day it is still the most hit page on my site  - will know my feelings about 'body art' or 'potent emetic' as I think of it. Judge then of the damage done to my breakfast by this feature in The Guardian. I am consoled, however, by the line about Wayne Rooney's tattoo - 'A simple Celtic cross adorns the upper arm of the temperamental England and Man Utd footballer, accompanied by the name of his fiancee, retail specialist Coleen McLoughlin.' 'Simple', 'adorned' and 'retail specialist' - a lovely sentence, but perhaps I am too easily pleased.


  1. Everything that's wrong with this country in one easy-to-remember phrase.

  2. The longer I live the stronger my wish that I had been born in England.

  3. retail specialist Coleen McLoughlin Either he has incredibly massive arms, or that particular phrase is set in 4 point type (or whatever the equivalent is for tattoo artists).

    I had planned to share my latest tattoo with you, procured at great expense and bother while residing in the hospital the last two days. It is, however, located in my groin and thus unsuitable for any but an X-rated publication. Besides, the dye used in its creation was not permanent and its beauty has dissipated.

  4. There's nothing wrong with tattoos, imho. The problem is that 95 per of tattoo "artists" can't draw to save their lives. In the hands of the other 5 per cent, "I am an experimental thought" set round one of Nige's giant birds or perhaps a malevolent squirrel could be truly, er, inspiring.

    I suspect dislike of tattoos comes from fear, in particular the English middle-class male's fear of commitment and perhaps his fear, picked up in school, that art is messy and dangerous if it gets too close to us. Art needed to be properly controlled, in this view - nailed to a wall in a museum or gallery, for example.

    It's a little surprising that more politicians haven't picked up on the popularity of tattoos. Apart from the Chancellor, I can't think of any who've taken the plunge.

  5. To any who has seen a Celtic Cross, simple is the last word to enter the mind and plain is next to it. While making tattoos look the artistic lazy spatters of a tired mind.