Friday, September 21, 2007

More Politics, Much More

So the boy David is going to be looking for a new job on October 26th. Brown, it seems, is going to anounce his landslide victory on October 25th. I've always favoured February myself, but, I suppose, everything will be much worse by then, so even the famously cowardly Gordo might have to bite the October bullet. This, of course, means a lot of hacks and wonks running around thinking they're in The West Wing, thought it is, of course, The Thick of It.


  1. As predicted by me on this very blog (somewhere). Nige- He Knows, You Know. (Wait a minute, isn't that Hilda Baker?)

  2. I think so, Nige, but you might be confusing her with Builder Baker, the odd-job man at Eli's pickle factory.

  3. My politics posts always turn weird on me.