Friday, September 21, 2007

More Politics

Here's the latest bizarre twist in Tory policy - it has been decreed that there will be no David Cameron rock at this year's conference. It is not, evidently, fit for purpose. So, if it's not to be rock, what should be the Cameronian Conference Confectionery? Humbugs (green)? Toffo?


  1. Something to drive home the green agenda, perhaps? And something traditional for the middle-Englanders.

    On a side note, no doubt the rest of the Beeb's coverage of the conference will be just as sneering.

  2. Ah yes, of which there is only one left - but they're still rollin' along...
    How about individual portions of Dave's signature dish Eton Mess?

  3. No idea on confectionary, but what about issuing Lancashire Black Puddings to all delegates? In their traditional sausage shape, they are a perfect vehicle to carry Dave's moniker, and in pig's blood. What better metaphor: 'the man of red meat, bloodied but uneatable'.

  4. I fear it could be Snickers all round...

  5. sweet cigarettes - I understand the condemned are entitled to one last smoke...

    ...and, of course, The Ban!

  6. Cameron's Fudge.

    Winter (garden) Mixture - the sweets no one eats.

    Liquorice Torpedoes - women and children first...

    Sherbet Twits. sorry, I meant Dips.

    Marathon, Spangles, Treets and any other hasbeens.

  7. Werther's Unoriginals

    (they're a tribute brand)

  8. Doesn't look too good for Dave. I doubt even plunging through Margaret Thatcher's window with a box of Milk Tray would help him now. Pure Mayan chocolate, perhaps. A last fleeting pleasure as David Davies raises the sacrificial knife while Dave's enemies look on, gorging themselves on violent creams. That's enough Daves for a long time.