Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The McCanns 2

I've watched the lunchtime McCann, the six o'clock McCann, Channel 4 McCann, the ten o'clock McCann, McCannnight, More4 McCann, Sky McCann, Fox McCann, Cable McCann Network and I'm considering giving Al-McCann a try, but, like everybody else, I still don't have a clue. In my last post I wondered if they'd been framed. Now I'm veering towards the alien abduction hypothesis. The McCanns being made suspects is, of course, the twist that had to happen. It gave the story what football commentators call 'fresh legs'. Now there seems no reason why it should ever end. I will, however, struggle to find other things to write about for The Sunday McCann.


  1. Does this mean that you no longer look forward to starting your day off with a hearty helping of Mc Canns?

  2. Of course, Ronin, I hadn't made the connection - it's the porridge.