Sunday, September 16, 2007

Madonna's Tongue

Forgive me, this is an experimental post. Ponder Post 10: Tattoos? has been my most hit page - by a wide margin - every day since September 6th. The referrer seems to be Google Images. This may be because I linked to GI instead of a just a web page. So I'm trying it again. I came up with the phrase 'Madonna's tongue' because 'Brad Pitt's elbow' yielded little of interest. This, of course, appeared. Let's see if I have another hit machine on my hands.


  1. Yes, you do (have another hit on your hands). On my own sporadically updated and otherwise rarely visited blog, the post entitled Happy Hooker unintentionally garners hundreds of hits from around the world daily. A staggering percentage of those hits are generated by residents of Islamic nations. I doubt that many are pleased by what they find.

  2. That's interesting, i was reading Derrida the other day and he said: "Ontogenetical patria-hierarchical MILF MILF MILF structures collaterally generate unintented aporiae Sylvia Saint anal furthering the liminality thereof, forsooth unrequitable Britney pussy pics here underscoring ankylosing spondlyitis of the bourgeois post-lapsarian rhizome structural inverse SEX SEX SEX pics free Appleyard entelachy of Platonic neuro-generic discourse Foucault Foucault Foucault underage you love it baby, in protracted deferrance commiting under the pseudonominalism of patriarchical denominations regarding Britney naked sex video here for those with no taste in women, which means the French must eat cheese."

    i don't know what it means, though - but that's how you know it's Derrida.