Monday, September 24, 2007

Ponder Post 13

When does it stop being a 'snap' election?


  1. I heard on the news yesterday, he doesn't fancy becoming a Trivial Pursuit question.

    Basically, to me, this means he's just not hard enough!

  2. When Jupiter collides with Mars. 'Well did you ever? What a swell Labour Party this is!'

  3. You have to wait until "poll fever" abates. This can cause victims to become "gripped" by a "head of steam", leading to them to "go for broke" and regurgitate clichés uncontrollably. There is no known cure, though "pouring cold water" on sufferers is a popular folk remedy.

  4. Look, he's just getting on with the job!

    That means when he does call the election, he must be getting on with the job no longer and so fully deserves to get his P45.

    (Do PMs get P45s? They must do, surely to God! I'm sure someone must know)

  5. Of course he gets a P45, Ian. It's recorded in Simon Schama's bestseller 'The Comprehensive and Undisputed History of Britain' - subtitled 'If it Ain't in Here it Ain't History'. Schama recounts that Wilson's resignation after the defeat of 1970 was an occasion of some sourness. When Wilson dropped to his knees and said "Ma'am I have to resign", the Queen said "You bet your arse you do, you've just lost. Here's your P45, so get up and bugger off".

    Look, if Schama says it happened, it did! If you don't believe me, look it up.