Sunday, September 09, 2007

Pedro Almodovar

The Sunday Times link to my interview with Pedro Almodovar doesn't work so I've put the article directly on to my site.


  1. I love this guy's films. I had no idea he was gay, suppose it didn't cross my mind to think about it but I can see it now, in a way. Does that make me gayish?

  2. I simply cannot shoulder the responsibility of answering that question.

  3. we're probably all gay, it's just that some of us haven't met the right person. how could we know for sure otherwise?

  4. Omigosh: He really understands mothers; he must have identified very closely with his own mom. I think the guy is brilliant: he mixes comedy and tragedy, or perhaps I mean he distills the comedy that is inherent in so much tragedy, and he does it seamlessly.

    His last film was my favorite, which tells me he hasn't even reached his peak yet.

    Rock on, Pedro!