Monday, September 17, 2007

Spurtle News

Here's a breakfast fit for an Appleyard - make a date for next year, Bryan, and don't forget to pack the large spurtle. But if you can't make it to the big one, there are always the invaluable Stoats Porridge Bars, a very present help in times of porridge hunger. Isn't that Cromer in the photo?


  1. I'm surprised to read that porridge is Scotland's national dish. Does nobody there eat sporran anymore?

    sorry, I meant haggis.

  2. Your blog has been down most of the day.

  3. hey, i thought i'd killed your blog, but you're alive again like Christ, cool.

    i can recommend the Denby Dale meat pie festival if it's still running. Great pie. Sadly it's not (as one would hope) a huge pie the size of a meteorite, but rather just lots of individual vats, but still, good idea. Denby Dale meat & potato pies are just about the best factory-made pies you can get, or were when last i had one - about 3 years ago now. Too long, much move back to Yorkshire & eat pie.