Friday, September 07, 2007

The McCanns

The publicity machines always backfires. The BBC news was treating their publicity-seeking with barely disguised scorn this evening. Have they been framed? Non-libellous speculation invited.


  1. OK, I'll bite.

    'barely disguised scorn': I saw some of the Newsnight coverage, and it didn't seem to have that tone.

    'Have they been framed?': the problem is that we don't yet know the specifics of the evidence against them, and can't really make an evaluation.

  2. No, David, I did notice the tone changed through the evening. At six o'clock there was definitely a scornful note.

  3. I would be terrified if I were the McCanns. I cannot believe they killed their daughter -- it's outrageous. I believe the Portugeuse gov't wants to smack them for all their bad publicity of police efforts, etc. If anything will get them to shut up, accusing them of having offed their own child certainly will!

    But I haven't been following this case at all, really, since the first couple of weeks. Is there anything in the McCann parents' pasts that is so unsavory? I doubt it.

  4. I dunno... the consensus in this household since day one has been that 'there is something not quite right about this whole business' and there were 'I told you so' nods all round at this latest bit of news.

  5. Time will of course tell, but it looks very much like a crude attempt by the Portuguese police to coerce a confession.

    There are so many absurdities in the police story that doctors(one of whom is a qualified anaesthetist) accidentally kill the child by a wrong dose of sedative, then hide the body which remains undetected by sniffer dogs for a month and only then dispose of the body under the gaze of the world's media.