Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sale - a Town of Taste

Sale (pop 52,294) is a wonderful place, the beauty spot on the scarred face of Greater Manchester. It has the Sale Water Park and the Waterside Arts Centre. In Sale's many cafes and bars late at night you can hear discussions of Heidegger's dasein, earnest analyses of late Beethoven and passionate refutations of Wittgenstein's private language argument. During the day, actors move among the shoppers reciting Wallace Stevens and Shakespeare and there is a daily performance of Bach's B Minor Mass just outside Marks & Spencer. Children of five are required to learn the whole of Hamlet by heart. A local statute prevents Jeffrey Archer from ever entering Sale. 
Of course, I've never been there but I have just switched over to Google Analytics for my site stats. This gives numbers of visitors from specific places and more people from Sale visit this site than from anywhere else except London and California. I have no idea why.
PS I have just discovered that, in Sale, the meanest flower that blows can give thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears.


  1. I guess they put the anal in analytics.

  2. Bryan, as someone who travels through Sale on an occasional basis, I can report you have missed reference to the staggering Sale Light Show; I say Sale which is at its heart, but it stretches from Altrincham to Old Trafford.

    This inspiring, nay uplifting, spectacle is at its most impressive in mid-winter around 5.00pm. The lights are mounted on posts about ten feet high and located at roughly twenty yard intervals. The colours change in a pre-determined sequence: red, amber, green, back to amber and then red. They seem to go through this sequence very quickly because they always seem to return to red as you arrive at the next set. At that point, thousands of other visitors in cars, equally excited by the lights, stream across in front of you. The show goes on irrespective of the weather and even in darkest December when it's pouring down and your car's steaming up, if you really strain hard, you can still just about make out the glorious reds as you screech to a halt fearful you might collide with the fun-lovers in front. Then, occasionally, visitors get over-excited as cars stall or are slow to move on towards glorious Stretford, or in the other direction Altrincham, the North-West's own Bourton-on-the Water. They blast on their horns and, accompanied by wonderfully colourful language, they thrust two fingers skywards in true exultation. This regular trip through Greater Manchester's playground can take hours even though it's only about seven miles, such is the reluctance of visitors to abandon the journey and take the tram.

    So, as you can see, Bryan, when these attractions are added to those you so beautifully describe, especially the daily B Minor Mass, it makes you feel good to be alive and truly grateful for places such as Sale.

  3. Might we see where the rest of us are in the rankings? It might make here seem a little less loneley if I thought there was other like-minded people close...

    Incidentally how do you (or Google)determine where we are? Surely not from the nonsense we put into those questionaires?