Friday, August 03, 2007

Election Date Revealed

After weeks of speculation, I can at least reveal that Gordon Brown is to call the election yesterday. This generous move saves all the political parties millions in campaign expenses and, at a stroke, solves the Cameron problem. Retrospectively, all can now agree on the darkened room, the revolver and the bottle of whisky - as long, says the party treasurer, as he doesn't drink the whisky. The result was, of course, a Labour landslide with a 99.9% turnout. In a moving victory speech, Brown will have said he would govern for all the people except Tony Blair whose heavily-guarded Connaught Square home was be compulsorily purchased and demolished to make way for an enormous concrete statue of Gordon Brown, leader for life. 

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  1. good to hear Iain Dale on this morning's radio talking about blogging, news and politics. He doesn't make enough money from advertising - yet - to give up his day job, apparently. good to hear him because I'm not sure who he is - I think they overestimated the power of blogging. It's a bit like scouting for an olympic swimmer in a public baths on an august bank holiday.

    he gets more readers than The New Statesman! (Is that a good thing? I'm not very good at these ''the size of Wales'' comparisons.)