Saturday, September 01, 2007

Jeff At The Proms

By some oversight, Thought Experiments seems to have missed Jeff's latest emission - a masterly review of a Michael Ball concert. A classic of its kind I'd say (i.e. not one single word showing any detectable vital signs) - and I like the 1 comment it's attracted (so far), especially the last bit...


  1. Mr Tumnus, indeed! Poor old C. S. Lewis must be spinning in his grave.

  2. Jeffrey's style is..... well, sleep-inducing. I read the Michael Ball review, but then made a big error by reading through the account of his holiday. It was if an accompanying voice was whispering "you are feeling very tired; are you sure you want to go on?"
    If Appleyard is a walk through back-alleys to the sinister sound of steel toe-caps clipping cobbled stone, and the threat of a jagged edge, Jeffrey is a journey through a strawberry blancmange, initially pleasant, but ultimately nauseating. Take him to a desert island? On the evidence of his blog, I'd sooner perish in deep water.

  3. Does Sir Jeff really write that blog or does he have a staff of underpaid slugs who drag slime around a touch keyboard?